Michael Jackson🕺🏽 #8

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Although the Jackson 5’s album was not successful, a dance that Michael created for the song Dancing Machine was a big hit. Soon teenagers around the USA were moving their arms and legs like robots.

After awhile, Jackson family decided to leave Motown because they didn’t work with Gordy who is the president of their company any more.

It was easy to find a new record company for Jacksons. Epic Records offered The Jackson 5 $750,000 to sign the contract. They also said they would pay the group another $500,000 to produce their own albums. That was sweet deal for family.


Dear Michael

Hi, I’m a big fan of your songs! Though I know you were said “Genius” so many times, I wanna say to you “You are the one of the greatest singer in earth”. Before I read this book, I thought you are something like legend. But through this book I started to redefine that you are a person like me. You struggled, cried, resented and smiled. But l will never change my mind “You are the best singer!” Thank you for creating amazing songs and dance movings. You changed the world! RIP Michael

From Anna


Michael Jackson🕺🏽#7

Hi everyone. I’m going to summarize the part of chapter 8. Today’s content ⬇︎

1972 was not a good year for The Jackson 5 because their album was not success.Then, Gordy had lost interest in the Jackson 5.

Next year 1972 was also bad year. The relationship between the group and the record company became worse. Jacksons wanted to move their music in new direction. Motown always rejected.

The following year, they decided to go to Las Vegas. The first half of The Jackson 5’s Las Vegas show was different from what they usually did in a concert. They started to sing traditional songs that the kind of songs for white people.

To be continued…

Michel Jackson #6 🕺🏽

The Jacksons public life had changed a lot. They moved to the Hollywood Hills and Encino in the San Fernando to get more privacy. But everyone felt something loneliness. Their former house in Gary was so small that the family was always together. Now, in such a big house, they did not have that feeling of closeness. They were growing but in different directions.

Three brothers married. And get children. The Jackson 5 were not boys at all.

In 1971, Michael had taken his first step toward going solo. In the next year, Michael released a more successful solo song. At the same time, he was growing musically and he was growing physically. He cared his developing acne, so he could not look at people.

It was at this time that the two sides of Michael’s personality started, the private Michael was shy or the public Michael came alive on stage.

To be continued…

Michael Jackson 🕺🏽#5

I Want You Back was released in October 1969.It was not an immediate hit, the song was number one by 1970. What is more, the second single ABC was an even bigger hit.

In the past, Motown’s black performers were mostly popular with black peoples. But The Jackson 5 were as popular with white teenagers as with black teenagers.

They continued to success, all songs that they released went to number one.

But they said that when brothers became interested in girls and Michael’s voice changed, it would be end of the Jacksons.

To be continued…

Michael Jackson🕺🏽 #4

Hi everyone. Today I’m going to summarize chapter5(Motown)

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The Motown record address was build by a black businessman Berry Gory. He was worried because he thought that many Motown’s stars didn’t appeal younger generation.

Betty invited The Jackson 5 to perform for him personally at a Christmas party at his mansion. At The Jackson 5 were frightened to see that many big stars were waiting to watch them. When they finished performance, Diana Ross who is famous singer came over to them and kissed each of boys. Then looking at Michael she said “And you. You’re just so cute.”

After that party, they were given to the ticket to a Motown. Gordy told them “I’m going to make you the biggest things in the world and your first record will be number one and second, third also will be one. ”

The Jackson 5 did not do any public shows until several months later for preparing a first single”I want you back”. To tell the truth, this song had been written for other artists, but Betty Gordy asked the songwriter to rewrite the song to fit The Jackson 5. He was determined to make The Jackson’s first record a big hit.

Michael Jackson🕺🏽 #3

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One of Joe’s(Michael Father’s name) biggest hopes was for The Jackson 5 to be invited to the Apollo Theater in New York Cities Harlem district. The Apollo Theatre was famous for its amateur night competition. And Joe knew that a successful show at The Apollo could open many doors for The Jackson 5.

Finally, in the summer of 1967, the invitation had come. The boys were nervous before show, but at the end the audience stood up to applaud.That was great success.

After that they were continuing to invited from famous television. But Joe canceled it. Michael asked to his father “Why?” Joe answered that ” What is more important than being on television? That is Motown”

Motown was one of the biggest record companies of the 1960s. Almost all of the major black stars were with Motown. Motown found young people with talent and sent them to “charm school” in there, they received voice training and dance lessons I mean all of things that you need for become a star. And they hoped that.

To be continued…

Michael Jackson🕺🏽 #2

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Michael could quickly copy the singing styles and dance moves of older and more experienced performers. By the time he was seven years old, Michael was such a good dancer that he helped work out the groups dance moves.

However his father Joe was a really strict. So Joe sometimes beat his children and wife too. All the children afraid of their father, and Michael never completely forgave Joe for his violence.

As the weeks and months passed, The Jackson Brothers began to enter local talent contests. Before long, they had won many more first place trophies.

One day, a woman told Joe that the Jackson Brothers sounded old fashioned so you have to change to The Jackson 5. And Joe liked the idea, the name changed.

They continued to get many trophies, they became a big as they performed at Philadelphia, NY, Washington, Boston and Chicago.