Impressions-The House of Stairs part1

Good evening. I changed the book.

The named of story is “The House of Stairs” also the king of the book is mystery.

Today’s story☟

Ruth Rendell is one of Britain’s best selling crime writers. Her fans call her the Queen of Crime. Her parents had a terrible marriage, so they are not on good terms. Ruth published first novel when she was 34. And Rendell first used the name Barbara Vine in 1985 as a artist name. It was different from her crime novel when she used to written before.

Ruth Rendell wrote The House of Stairs in 1989. And the beginning of this story is that Written about Bell. Bell is a strange and beautiful young woman.

To be continued


Impressions- New York part5

Today’s story is “Tildy’s Moment”🗽

•The content of the story ☟

Tildy works at Bogles family restaurant on Eight Avenue is not a famous place. In the restaurant, there are two waitresses were working.

One of the waitresses was called Aileen. She is beautiful, so most of customers came to the restaurant for watching her. All all the man wanted to take Aillen dancing or give her presents.

On the other hand, Tildy was fat and not beautiful. Nobody asked her to go dancing and nobody gave her presents. Nobody looked her. She was happy to work with no thank. But deep inside, she, too, wanted a man to love her.

One day, one of the man who called Mr Seeders came to the restaurant. He drank too much beer, so he put him arm round Tildy, kissed her loudly.

At the moment, Tildy’s world changed. She understood that men could like her and want her as much as Aileen. She was a real woman because someone loved her. She felt excited.

For two days Mr Seeder came to the restaurant with his face red and he said,

“Miss Tildy, I’m sorry for what I did to you a few ago. I didn’t know what I was doing.”

When she listened it, she ran into the kitchen and she began to cry. She was no longer beautiful. No man loved her.

But she still had friend, and Aileen put her arm round her and said,

“Don’t be unhappy! A real man never says sorry.”

The end.

Impressions-New Yorkers part 4

Today’s story is “A Walk in Amnesia”🗽

🔍Definition of “amnesia” : Loss of memory due to brain injury or shock

•The content of the story

Elwin C. Bellford who is an famous lawyer in NY. He lived with his wife Marian happily.

His friend, Doctor Volney told him not to work so hard. A lot of people who work too hard get tired and suddenly they forget who they are. But he didn’t listen to his tell. And he replied, I pleased with my life.

One day, he woke up, he was on a train and feeling uncomfortable. After a long time, he said to himself, ‘I must have a name!’ Yes, he forgot himself. He was asked to stranger who take a train ” What’s your name?” He said “Edward Pinkhammer” quickly.

He enjoyed his life as Edward. He went to Manhattan- the theaters, the night life with girls.

The way back to the hotel, a man said ” Mr Pinkhammer can I speak with you for a minute?” He followed a man into a small room.

In the room, there was a woman whose face was beautiful and tired. And she cried out “Oh, Elwyn! Elwyn! I’m your wife!” And , a man said ” Listen, Your name is not Edward, you are Elwyn. You are one of the best lawyers in Denver. And I am Volney your friend for twenty years. And she is your wife.” Bellford replied “I know I am not Edward. And I don’t know why but I love the color of her hair. ”

He stood up and picked up the rose the rose and threw them far. Then he sat down and said ” I’m a little tired of my life all now. Go and bring my wife in now. Oh, my good old friend Doctor Volney!”

The end.

Impressions-NewYorkers part3

Today’s story is “Soapy’s Choice”🗽🗽🗽

•Today’s story

Soapy is a old man who lives in New York. He doesn’t have money. He bored his life in New York. Then, he suggested one things. He decided to go to prison and at once began to try his first plan. Of course nobody injured. First up, he thought he ate dinner in an expensive restaurant. Then he told them he had no money and they called a policeman. It was nice and easy. But, when he went into the restaurant, strong hand of the waiter turned him round and helped him out into the street again.

After that, he tried to another plan, but it didn’t work. Finally, he decided to change his life and be a new man in old church. Suddenly he felt his arm folded- it was hand of policeman! And then Soapy had to stay three months in prison. The end.

Impressions-NewYorkers part2

•Today’s story of “The Christmas Presents” 🗽🗽🗽

Della went to the Madame Eloise-Hair and said “Will you buy my hair?” After a while, her beautiful brown hair was bought by 20 dollars. She was happy because she could buy a gold chain for Jim’s watch. And she hurried home with the eighty-seven cents. Then she looked in the glass, her hair was now in small curls. It looked more bad than she thought. When Jim back home, she given a present immediately. Jim’s face covered with a little dark when he looked a chain. And He pass a present for Della. The present was the combs. It was really wanted things for her. But now, she doesn’t have long hair! She gave a little scream of unhappiness. Jim said “I sold the watch to get the money to buy your combs. Let’s keep our presents for a time. ” This is a story of young married couple who were very much in love lives in New York.

The end.(Next story is “Soapy’s Choice”)

Impressions-New Yorkers part1

Hi. I changed the book. I’m going to read the book “New Yorkers (O.Henry)” from today.

•Today’s Story 🗽🗽🗽

In New York at the beginning of 20century. Della lives in the poor little house with her husband James Dillingham Young. She called him Jim. He have a job, but it was not a good job. So, Della tried to find work, there was no work for her though. Nevertheless tomorrow is Christmas, she had only one dollar and eighty-seven cents to buy Jim a Christmas present. She was crying. Suddenly, She watched her beautiful long hair. And she left the house with her eyes were bright.

To be continued…

🔥Impressions🔥 “Anne of green gables” part2

  • Today’s story

Matthew Cuthbert lives by green gables with his sister Marilla. They are both have old age. So, Matthew Cuthbert couldn’t farm work so much. Then, they thought how about get a adopted child. Also they wanted to come boy to farm work.

To be continue…

  • What I felt today

To tell the truth its too difficult for me to reading this book. Frankly, I couldn’t read it without a dictionary. The words in this book are extremely rigid. So, I am thinking when the words that I looked up are using in my life. Of course, it have a good point. I can image the background and view clearly. All the time I read it I feel something comfortable. Anyway, I’m trying to read it.